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Safety Rules


• Park in designated areas.

• Spectators are not allowed in pit unless accompanied by a Club Member.

• Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

• Visiting flyers[ AMA Members only] shall comply with all field and AMA rules.

• Adherence to AMA safety code is mandatory.

• All transmitters must have correct frequency pin clipped to antenna.

• Transmitters must not be turned on without proper frequency pin.

• Frequency numbers shall be shared by rotating when more than one flyer with same frequency is present.

• Mufflers are mandatory on engines of .10 CI or more. Everyone shall meet AMA noise limitation level 90 db @ 3 meters.

• Engines shall be started & run on flightline or designated area only. Prop wash shall be directed away from other aircraft or people.

• Takeoffs and landings shall be from and parallel to runway length. All initial turns shall be away from flightline. Aircraft shall be taxied to take off position in allocated taxiways and shall return to flightline the same way.

• Standing on runway for takeoff or flying is prohibited.

• All flying shall be in areas designated on aerial photo displayed at field and within the 500 ft. by 2000 ft. space indicated by GREEN on the photo. Absolutely no flying behind flightline or in red zone.

• All aircraft shall be flown in a left or right hand pattern on either runway as dictated by the wind direction.

• All flying shall be done beyond edge of runway except takeoffs, landings or touch & goes.

• No more than 4 planes shall be airborne at one time.

• If full size aircraft approach, all models shall avoid close proximity to them.

• Advise flight line flyers if it is necessary for you to go on the runway to retrieve your aircraft.

• If necessary to go on private property to retrieve an aircraft, show proper respect for the property of others.

• Student pilots must be supervised until soloed & then checked frequently. • Each flyer is responsible for any damage they may cause • Any person responsible for same Frequency accidents shall repair or replace downed aircraft to the satisfaction of the owner.

• Place trash in container specified and take turns removing same from field.

• Violation of these rules may be grounds for suspension of your flying privileges by the club's officers.

• Penalties for safety infractions include: verbal or written warnings, requiring the violator to fly with an experienced pilot at his/her side, requiring the violator to fly on a buddy box with a qualified instructor, temporary or permanent suspension of flight privileges, and expulsion from the club. • If an accident occurs, the party at fault must accept financial responsibility for all damages and personal injury.

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