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School Application

Club Membership Application

Flying is regulated by the club's Safety Committee. Experienced flyers seeking membership must demonstrate their skills to the satisfaction of the Safety Committee before solo flying is allowed. New pilots must undergo supervised training and meet the Safety Committee's requirements before solo flying is permitted.


How to join the Highland Lakes Flyers club:


1. Applicant must hold a full membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics. (AMA's Park Flyer membership does not qualify.) AMA application forms are available at Hank Nilsen Field or with the link below. 


ADULT MEMBER (Age greater than 19 or 23 depending on educational status): Must have a valid AMA Membership.

    ASSOCIATE MEMBER: An AMA member whose primary membership is with another AMA chartered club. Or, an AMA                  member whose primary residence is not located in Llano, Burnet, or Blanco counties and who would have access to the club's facilities only for a period of any three calendar months within a calendar year.

  JUNIOR MEMBER: An AMA member age 19 or younger. Or, an AMA member age 23 or younger if a registered full-                  time student at an accredited institution of higher learning. Junior Members are not subject to fees and assessments. 

2. Complete the HLF club membership application. Click the link below to download the form. Inform the Club Secretary as to the desired effective date you want to start your membership.   The Club Secretary will determine the prorated amount of the annual membership dues plus the one time $50 new member fee.  Turn in the form and a check in the required amount to the Club Secretary or mail it to this address:

Highland Lakes Flyers

2618 Williams Lakeshore Drive

Kingsland TX  78639

The club welcomes new members and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, political, or ethnic background.

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