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Annual Club Dues & Fees

Adult Member: $80 annual dues (prorated for new members), plus $50 New Member Fee upon joining.
Junior Member: $5 (not prorated), New Member Fee not required
Associate Member: One half of Adult dues (prorated for new Associate Members), plus full amount of Adult New Member Fee ($50)
(New Member Adult & Associate dues, but not fees, are prorated to date of joining).  AMA's Park Flyer Membership does not qualify for HLF Membership.

ADULT MEMBER (Age greater than 19 or 23 depending on educational status): Must have a valid AMA Membership.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: An AMA member whose primary membership is with another AMA chartered club. Or, an AMA member whose primary residence is not located in Llano, Burnet, or Blanco counties and who would have access to the club's facilities only for a period of any three calendar months within a calendar year.

JUNIOR MEMBER: An AMA member age 19 or younger. Or, an AMA member age 23 or younger if a registered full-time student at an accredited institution of higher learning. Junior Members are not subject to fees and assessments.

Note: Junior and Associate members shall provide proof of their membership requirements & HLF's Executive Committee shall bear responsibility for ensuring adherence to these requirements.

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