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Club Policies

                                              Highland Lakes Flyers, Inc.
                                                            AMA 2317

           Policy For Accidents Involving Model Aircraft At Hank Nilsen Field or At Offsite Club-Sponsored Functions

                                                 A/O September 30, 2004

           In the event of incidents involving model aircraft, where a financial loss or expense is incurred, either through injury or property damage, club members are required to make arrangements for full settlement of any financial loss or expense as soon as possible after the occurrence. By arrangement, it is to be understood that any arrangement would include a full reimbursement or an agreeable schedule of reimbursement ultimately resulting in full reimbursement.

           Within thirty days of the incident, the club member determined to be responsible for the loss must make satisfactory arrangements for full reimbursement to the party suffering the loss. It is understood that full reimbursement means an amount of money equal to the financial loss or expense, but not exceeding actual cost of medical expenses, repairs, or replacement, if repairs are not possible. If an arrangement for reimbursement satisfactory to all parties has not been reached within thirty days of the incident, the party responsible for the loss will be indefinitely suspended from flying activities until the next business meeting of the membership convenes. At this meeting, members will vote on whether or not to involuntarily terminate the suspended party. If the responsible party fails to live up to any portion of a schedule for reimbursement, that will be considered cause for suspension of flight privileges and involuntary termination of club membership. In no case will flight privileges be restored until the suspended member meets his / her financial obligations.

            Solely at the discretion of the party experiencing financial loss, the member causing the loss or expense may be forgiven for a portion of the loss, or even for all of the loss. It is incumbent on all involved parties to fully inform HLF's president concerning settlement arrangements.

             In the event where circumstances concerning an incident may not be adequately witnessed or clearly understood, the club's officers are empowered to use discretion in administering this policy.

            The purpose of this policy is to provide incentive for timely resolution in the event of accidents. It is not intended to replace any legal remedies involved parties may wish to pursue.

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